Cryptocurrency ethereum is flourishing but risks linger

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By Gertrude Chavez-Dreyfuss

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Ethereum has outperformed major digital currency rivals this year, bolstered by the surge in decentralized finance (DeFi) and the anticipation of a technical adjustment this summer, but it faces hurdles that could stall its rise.

With a jump of more than 350% in its price this year, ethereum has the second-largest market capitalization after bitcoin, but not as much cache and perhaps more operational challenges that could prevent it from eclipsing its major rival.

In the crypto world, the terms “ethereum” and “ether” have become synonymous. Technically, ethereum is the blockchain network in

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The 20 Best Small Business Opportunities

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Perhaps you’re thinking of leaving the nine-to-five grind, or you’re simply ready to make a career change. Maybe you’re fresh out of school and ready to change the world with your entrepreneurial spirit. Whatever the reason, these days there are more ways than ever to start a business of your own. The tricky part is landing on the small business opportunities that will lead you to success.

To help, we’ve gathered 20 of the best small business opportunities you should consider.

20 of the best small business opportunities right now

These small business opportunities are ideal for aspiring entrepreneurs who

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Cultivating customer journeys with consumer direct lending

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The majority of car buyers use third-party websites to find information about new and used cars for sale. Further, 83% of car buyers want to do some or all of the car buying process online.

As digital retail channels continue to grow in popularity, borrowers are now expecting the option of a 100% digital auto loan origination experience. To avoid the dreaded “come-back-next-week” and paperwork frustrations, you’ll want to look at technologies that can accelerate both the branch-based and digital channel of your sales process.

The drive toward digitization and prioritizing the “from home” experience is one of the critical

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Kiplinger’s Personal Finance: Retirees, tap home equity for extra income | Business News

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With this, the existing mortgage is replaced with a new, larger one that reflects the home’s current appraised value.

Lenders will let you borrow up to 80% of your home’s value, including the new mortgage and the cash you take out. Interest rates on a cash-out refi are typically about a quarter-point higher than rates for a traditional refi.

Borrow with a home equity line of credit: A HELOC is a revolving line of credit that you can tap whenever you need money. The rate is typically based on the prime rate plus a couple of percentage points.

HELOCs provide

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Record lumber prices adding to new home sale prices further crunching Colorado’s housing market

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Shaye Bruyere moves treated lumber at Allweather Wood in Loveland on April 28. Allweather needs more skilled workers and is offering training to help entry-level workers graduate to better jobs. (Valerie Mosley/Special to the Colorado Sun)

With housing demand pushing lumber prices to more than double what 2x4s cost a year ago, workers at the Allweather Wood manufacturing plant in Loveland are treating lumber as fast as possible.

But they’ve run into issues aggravated by the coronavirus pandemic. Not all employees returned to work after a brief closure last year. Staffing is down nearly 20% compared with pre-pandemic levels of

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Irvine man arrested on federal charges alleging he used $5 million in PPP loans to buy flashy cars: DOJ

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An Orange County man has been arrested on federal charges alleging he fraudulently obtained approximately $5 million in Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans for his “sham businesses,” and used the money to buy fancy sports cars, the Department of Justice announced Friday.

Mustafa Qadiri, 38, of Irvine, is being charged with four counts of bank fraud, four counts of wire fraud, one count of aggravated identity theft, and six counts of money laundering, according to a federal grand jury indictment. 

Qadiri surrendered to authorities Friday morning. 

Federal agents seized a Ferrari, Bentley and Lamborghini that Qadiri allegedly purchased with the

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