Cardano Faces an Uphill Battle to Change the Finance World

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May 18 2021 was a day to be remembered in the cryptocurrency market. A huge selloff sent altcoins such as Cardano (CCC:ADA-USD) into a volatile state on an intraday basis. On May 19, ADA had a low of $1.03 and a high of $2.03.

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This is a considerable amount of volatility. While some of it comes from outside factors, such as new regulations, ADA’s potential to rise or fall is hard to gauge. The crypto advertises significant advantages over its competitors and has signed some big name deals, but is that enough to make it a

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Can Rocket’s Other Businesses Help It Overcome a Slowing Mortgage Market?

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The past year was a great one for mortgage lenders. The Federal Reserve cut interest rates to historically low levels, and mortgage rates dropped to record lows as a result. Those rates prompted people to refinance at a record pace, and Rocket Cos. (NYSE:RKT) was masterful in leading the way.

According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Rocket Mortgage was No. 1 in the country in mortgage originations last year, with 1.1 million. Of those, 87{fbc7a75af74adfbeb2d3baecdf7daa64e5d3521205059ee8f1fef6bec19bbc34} were refinance loans, totaling $274 billion in volume. These staggering numbers outpaced second-place competitor UWM Holdings, which issued 560,000 loans.  

Rocket’s solid performance

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Multiline Insurance Industry Gains 20{fbc7a75af74adfbeb2d3baecdf7daa64e5d3521205059ee8f1fef6bec19bbc34} YTD: Stocks in Focus

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The Zacks Multiline Insurance  industry has outperformed the broader market year to date, riding on its core strengths. While the insurance industry has rallied 20.1{fbc7a75af74adfbeb2d3baecdf7daa64e5d3521205059ee8f1fef6bec19bbc34}, the Zacks S&P 500 composite and the Zacks Finance sector have increased 12.5{fbc7a75af74adfbeb2d3baecdf7daa64e5d3521205059ee8f1fef6bec19bbc34} and 19.6{fbc7a75af74adfbeb2d3baecdf7daa64e5d3521205059ee8f1fef6bec19bbc34}, respectively.

Though pandemic-led challenges weigh on the performance of industry players, product diversification, improved pricing, prudent underwriting, increased exposure, adoption of technology and solid capital position should continue to drive the industry. Diversification of business, addition of capabilities, and expansion of global presence alongside the growth in niches should add to the upside. Notably, the industry’s earnings estimate for the

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Cryptocurrency ‘mine’ found stealing electricity in West Midlands

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A cryptocurrency “mine” which was stealing electricity worth thousands of pounds has been uncovered in the West Midlands.

Police said they executed a drugs warrant at an industrial estate in Sandwell on May 18 after receiving intelligence that the site was being used as a cannabis farm.

But the West Midlands force said it instead found a huge bank of around 100 computer units as part of what is understood to be a Bitcoin mining operation.

The operation was uncovered by police at an industrial unit in Sandwell (West Midlands Police/PA)

The IT equipment was seized from the building in

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Kiplinger’s Personal Finance: Get dividends every month | Business News

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The idea is to assemble 12 stocks or funds with alternating distribution dates.

One way for income-hungry investors to keep cash flowing is to assemble a portfolio that shells out dividends every month.

The idea is to assemble 12 stocks or funds with alternating distribution dates so that you never wait long for cash. This strategy can be a complement to a bond ladder, another time-tested tool for automating cash flow.

Because share prices are soaring, the current yields on some former dividend favorites have dipped well below 2{fbc7a75af74adfbeb2d3baecdf7daa64e5d3521205059ee8f1fef6bec19bbc34}. However, many other dividend aces still yield at or above

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Dogecoin has no user utility right now

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Ethereum Co-Founder & Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson joins the Yahoo Finance Live panel to discuss climate and crypto as well as dogecoin.

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Well, sustainability has remained a focal point in the crypto space since Elon Musk first took issue with those concerns surrounding Bitcoin. It caused a spike in crypto projects that have been pushing sustainability for some time, including the so-called Ethereum killer, Cardano, which briefly became the world’s third-most valuable cryptocurrency earlier this year.

In a wide ranging interview with us, we asked Cardano founder and former Ethereum co-founder as well Charles Hoskinson

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