Banking, insurance sector to aid clean energy transition

Benz Seo
Participants of an ecological civilization construction seminar in Guiyang, Guizhou province, walk past posters promoting green finance. [Photo by OU DONGQU/XINHUA]

China’s banking and insurance sector will accelerate the development of green finance and provide comprehensive financial services to assist in the country’s transition toward a greener and low-carbon economy, regulatory officials said.

The world’s second-largest economy should gradually improve regulatory framework for low-carbon development and green finance, establish green finance statistical monitoring and evaluation systems, and make standards for green finance information disclosure so that financial institutions will be able to comprehensively assess carbon footprints and strengthen environmental risk

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Business is personal for video production president, 2021 ATHENA winner | Business

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Virginia Frederick Dodge, president of VA Productions Inc. in Cumru Township, has always approached business a bit differently than many of her peers. Some would even argue her mindset is incorrect, she concedes.

“Something that I always say, for better or worse, because not everybody agrees,” Dodge began. “In fact, a lot of people think the exact opposite.

“To me, business is personal.”

It’s a viewpoint that has always served Dodge well, though. VA Productions, was built from personal relationships 27 years ago. Quite often, relationships with clients — many of them nonprofit organizations — inspire her to volunteer or

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3 Reasons Cryptocurrency Might Be the Wrong Investment for You

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  • Everyone wants to know if they should invest in crypto, from clients to friends to my mom.
  • My answer: It’s not for everyone. Definitely don’t buy crypto if you’re looking for a quick payday.
  • You should also avoid it if you have other financial priorities, or you’re afraid of losing cash.
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“Is cryptocurrency a smart investment?”

I must’ve heard this a thousand times in the last year. Clients, friends, my dentist — even my mom wants to talk about crypto. There’s a digital gold rush happening, and everyone wants a piece of the

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As ransomware and other cyberattacks grow, insurers struggle to keep up

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Given the prevalence of hacking incidents — before and after the Colonial Pipeline breach — more and more companies are purchasing cyber insurance to manage their risk. But are the pockets of large insurance companies deep enough?

A new report from the Government Accountability Office looked at the client list of a major insurance broker and found that the number of companies that bought policies grew from 26% to 47% over a four-year stretch.

Insurance gives companies that get hacked access to money for paying ransom.

“If you do have insurance, you can look at the policy and see what

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With More Options And More Data, The Future Is Bright

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Bernardo Martinez is the Vice President of Global Merchant Lending at PayPal, leading the company’s merchant lending strategy.

Despite the clear impact small businesses have on the global economy, small-business lending has been a challenge for traditional institutions due to a variety of reasons. This has led to a challenging, frustrating experience for small businesses, resulting in the traditional loan application process taking an average of 26 hours, according to a 2013 Federal Reserve survey. A 2021 Federal Reserve small-business survey found that 23% of businesses that applied for financing did not receive the full amount they

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