Consumer confidence, construction spending, nonfarm payrolls | Business

Ahmad Fahmi

A look at some of the key business events and economic indicators upcoming this week:


The Conference Board issues its latest monthly index of U.S. consumer confidence Tuesday.

Economists project that this month’s index slipped to 124 from a reading of 129.1 in July. That would mark the first monthly drop in the index since December. A reading of 90 or better reflects a healthy economy. The index can provide clues about consumer spending, which accounts for 70% of economic activity.

Consumer confidence, by month:

March 114.9

April 117.5

May 120.0

June 128.9

July 129.1

Aug. (est.) 124.0

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Letter: Health care providers keep construction industry going while saving lives

Ahmad Fahmi

Colorado’s construction industry has always valued our local hospitals as essential partners in safety plans and strategy to keep our workforce employed. Construction is physical work that takes long hours and has several risks. Effective health care is important in ensuring employees can do their job and projects in the community can move forward.

During COVID-19, construction continued in Colorado to provide the infrastructure and buildings anticipated during this pandemic. And with not knowing if the hospitals would be able to care for the anticipated numbers of COVID positive cases, it became even more evident the need for health care

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Local construction company keeps doors open for incarcerated workforce | Community

Ahmad Fahmi

BILLINGS – Having a criminal past can make finding a job a difficult task, but one Montana company says they always have their door open.

Mike Copenhaver knows what it’s like to have your past come back to haunt you. That is why he opened CM+E Construction LLC. to help formerly incarcerated people succeed.

“My idea behind it is just basing it off how I felt in the past and being able to give somebody that’s on that right track and wants to go the right direction the opportunity,” says Copenhaver.

Office Manager McKenzie Campbell says, while they give their

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Construction industry thefts in Grand Junction

Ahmad Fahmi

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) – The Mesa County Sheriff’s Office is investigating two thefts at separate construction sites this past Sunday.

The Sheriff’s office says construction theft is quite common for material that is not locked up.

“Construction materials, especially lumber have gone up in price and are expensive,” said Spokesperson for the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office Megan Terlecky. “And we have seen people target these items to steal.”

On Sunday around 9:15 am construction material was taken from a job site in the 3100 block of E Rd. The items consisted of lumber and soffit material. The suspect identified

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Customer service has dropped in today’s climate in construction industry

Ahmad Fahmi

At most restaurants, if a mistake is made on a customer’s meal after the table has been served, the new dish in the kitchen is called Hot Food which means it is a priority and it goes to the front of the line. This customer service mentality puts the customer first, but more importantly, the business takes accountability for its mistake.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, customer service has dropped in most areas of consumer spending, but probably no worse than in the construction-related fields. Today for most companies, there are no Hot Food priorities, and, in some

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How sustainable is the construction industry?

Ahmad Fahmi

A recent global survey conducted by SAP states that engineering and construction industries across multiple sectors are showing definitive progress toward sustainability in the design phase with 47% of respondents saying sustainability is top-of-mind or a significant concern for executives.

One reason for this progressive thought could be the new generation of workers who are deeply committed to sustainability. The three pillars of sustainability (economic, environmental and social) are at the heart of global efforts to make the built environment green, clean and socially responsible.

According to the World Green Building Council, the construction industry generates about 39% of the

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