Best Egg Personal Loan Review 2021

Andreas Milano

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  • Best Egg offers personal loans for home improvements, debt consolidation, travel, and more.
  • Most Best Egg loan amounts range from $2,000 to $35,000, or up to $50,000 in special scenarios.
  • You may qualify for the best interest rate with a 700 credit score and $100,000 annual income. 
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Paying rent with a personal loan: What to know

Andreas Milano

If you’ve fallen behind on rent, a personal loan can help you catch up. Learn how to find the best rates and repayment terms on your personal loan. (iStock)

Millions of Americans lost their jobs during the pandemic and a recent poll found that many of them are now struggling to pay rent. The poll found that over 30% of households have used up most or all of their savings, and 19% are struggling to pay their rent.  

Depending on where you live, the consequences for not paying your rent can be severe. That’s why some borrowers consider

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THIS Will Change Your Personal and Business Life

CHARLOTTE – “Practice?  I mean we’re talking about ‘practice’”  Those words were uttered by NBA great, Allen Iverson, when discussing how he felt practice was unnecessary.

While we can debate the merits of his point, “practice” is vitally important when discussing this one combination of actions.  It’s a combination that I PROMISE, will positively impact your personal and business life the instant you put them into action.

I’m talking about the combination of practicing giving and gratitude.

Let’s take a look at each.

Giving, a lot of people will relate to money and giving often to charitable cases.  While money

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1.3 Million Scraped Clubhouse User Records Leaked Online: Report

Andreas Milano
  • Over a million Clubhouse users have had their personal data leaked for free, Cyber News reported.
  • The social media app, popular for its audio community, is the latest to have user records posted in a hacker forum.
  • LinkedIn and Facebook user data has also been exposed online within the past week.
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The personal data of 1.3 million Clubhouse users has leaked online on a popular hacker forum, according to a Saturday report from Cyber News.

The scraped data of Clubhouse users includes names, social media profile names, and other details.

Clubhouse did not

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Kiplinger’s Personal Finance: Ways to trim your energy bill | Business News

Andreas Milano

Uncle Sam offers tax breaks for energy-efficient home upgrades that can lower utility bills.

A big cost of owning a house is what you spend on energy, but Uncle Sam offers tax breaks for energy-efficient home upgrades that can lower utility bills.

For existing primary residences, putting in energy-efficient windows and doors, furnaces, air conditioners, insulation, water heaters, roofs and other items qualifies you to take a tax credit of either 10% of the cost or specific amounts ranging from $50 to $300, depending on the improvement.

The credit is set to expire at the end of 2021, and

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5 ways to prepare to open your small business

Andreas Milano

 Renee Nesbitt is a boss and intends to help others be bosses, too, by showing them how to start a business, how to dress for success and how to bank with confidence. 

The 30-year-old Detroiter learned how to do these things herself after spending 12 years in banking.

Her new business, called, not surprisingly, Building Bosses Boutique, is an online store that sells affordable casual and business attire.

The clothing business is a part of her Building Bosses Camp, which is a free mentoring program in which Nesbitt will teach aspiring and current entrepreneurs and professionals how to

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