What are the pros and cons of working from a small office?

Lewis Naylor

Our offices provide an environment that we can work from. Even though most people would have preferred to get a big office, it is often not feasible for several reasons especially the limitation of finances. This is considering when setting up an office, you will have to spend money on office supplies. You can easily read office supplies companies online reviews on Luminablog.com to know companies that sells office supplies in the USA that are reliable and affordable. However, this does not mean that working in a small office does not have its advantages and disadvantages. Hence, this article will discuss the pros and cons of working from a small office.

Pros of working from a small office

The pros of working in a small office are discussed subsequently.

Cheaper to set up

Generally, it will be cheaper to set up a small office than a big office. With the same location in perspective, it will be cheaper to rent, build or buy a small office compared to a bigger office. This is part of the major reasons why people opt for small offices because that is what they can afford then. Most people working from small offices often have a mid-term or long-term plan of moving to big offices as soon as they can afford it or believe the company can foot the bill.

Faster to find items

In a small office, it will be easier to locate and find items. You won’t need to work 100 meters across the office to pick a book you need because no 2 locations within your office are 100 meters apart or even 50 meters apart. Hence, the highest you might have to move will be 30 meters and you have gotten the book and another 30 meters back. That would save you the time to move for a combined 140 meters to and fro. Furthermore, when an item gets missing within your office, it will be easier and faster to find it because the area you have to comb is very small compared to when you have a bigger office.

Forces you to buy the most important things

When you have a small office, you will concentrate on getting only the important things and leave out whatever is not important. This will help you to save money you would have spent on unnecessary items that will be required in a big office so that the big office does not look empty. Hence, apart from being cheaper to set up, It is also cheaper to manage your office when working from a small office compared to when working from a big office.

Cons of working from a small office

The cons of working from a small office are discussed below.

Could be very tight

In some cases, no matter how much you try to buy only the most important things, they might still be too much, especially when compared to your office space. Hence, after arranging all the items in your office, the office might become too tight. This will not be comfortable for work. It could also affect you psychologically and make you less productive.

Chances of destroying your property

When the space in your office is too tight, you and other visitors to your office might regularly have to bump on tables, chairs, and other items in the office. This will make the wear and tear of those items faster meaning they will get spoilt faster and need repairs or replacement. It will also be easier to hit a fragile item that could fall and get broken.

Chances of injury

Bumping against items in the office will also increase the chances of injury. You might sometimes bump against a sharp object that will give you bruises when you work from a small office. Big offices will be more spacious, giving you space to move around without bumping on items in the office.


A small office could harm the reputation of your business when a client decides to visit as is the case with most big deals. No company will want to blindly employ another company for a huge deal. Inviting a client who wants to give a deal worth several millions of dollars to your small office will give the impression that you are a small company that might not have the capacity for such a deal.

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